Brief Background and its Status

No formal educational institution was established in this area untill people movement against Rana regime was launched 1950. Before this time, informal education was imparted gathering the students in some public places like in the inns and chautari ( the resting place under a big tree). This informal educational system with the help of the local intellectuals and educationists was turned into the formal educational institution named the Compulsory School on 1954 (2011). In the beginning, the school was running in the temple of the Bal Mukteswor Mahadev (Laxmi Narayan Temple) due to lack of the building. Locals donated cash and food grains to pay salary to the teachers. Due to change of political scenario in Nepal, laws and regulations were constructed to implement formal education system in the country and the school was regulated by these laws and regulations. After looking its background, it can't be exaggeration to say, this institution has proud history in the district.

The government of Nepal on 1971, (2028) implemented the new education system and this school also was under government's umbrella. All the expenses increased to run the school was born by the government. On 1975 (2032) Anibarya Prathamik Vidyalaya (Compulsory Primary School) was named and there after the name was changed into Beni Primary School and now its name is Beni Community Secondary School. The school is familiar among the local yet by its previous name.

In the beginning, the school had no its own building. On 2034 (1977) in the British Welfare paid Rs. 10000|- to Arthunge village panchayat to by land for the British Welfare building. The village Panchayat transferred the ownership of the building to the school where the school was running. On 2037 (1980) the slates of the roof were replaced by the corrugated sheet. Since 2037, the some classes are running on the same building upto now. Mr. Punne Bahadur Shakya constructed one class room and donated construction materials to build another one. Likewise Brigade of Gurkhas, kindly constructed another classroom. In total, there were six room for primary section. On 2060 Chaitra 7, the conflict between Nepal army and Maoists Combatants brought great havoc to the building, because it was situated near the Barrack.

On 2057 (2000) Comprehensive gathering including educationists, intellectuals, representatives of various political parties, guardians and teachers aimed to upgrade this school into secondary level. Since 2058 (2005) the classes of the secondary school are running step to step. Local guardians there after took keen interest. The government of Nepal on 2059 (2002) declared 8 educational institutions as a model schools among them it was included. It is the first institution in the district to take responsibility to run a community school. After that, quality in education has improved a lot. Now, let us not forget that the conflict between the Nepal Army and the Maoists combatants had brought a great loss to the school which is described in the beginning. Due to the want of classrooms, it was difficult to upgrade class nine in time. Still, we started to upgrade class nine and ten on 2062 (2005) through we faced lack of infrastructures. The old building is dilapidated and is dangerous to all concerned.